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Our rheumatologists are experts in diagnosing, treating, and helping to manage rheumatic diseases that cause joint pain, swelling, muscle inflammation and bone loss. 



We understand the need for rapid assessment & treatment. We offer appointments at any of our state-of-the-art facilities at Riverview, Sun City and Wesley Chapel locations.



There are more than 200 distinct rheumatologic conditions that attack the joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissues, and some autoimmune diseases advance to other body parts. Diagnosis is challenging, but we have the medical expertise to diagnose and provide complex treatment regimens accurately. Our state-of-the-art facility has everything needed to relieve your pain

Rheumatology Diagnosis

Diagnosis & Treatment

We specialize in diagnosing and treating the dysfunction and dysregulation of the immune system.

Ultrasound Guided Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy

Cortisone shots and steroids soothe pain and reduce swelling, allowing for better functioning of the joint.

Rheumatology Lab Services

Specialized Labs

Rheumatology labs are used to help diagnose and monitor rheumatologic diseases.

Natural Supplements for Rheumatologic Diseases

Natural Supplements

At least 9 supplements have proven effective in treating rheumatic disorders. We help guide patients on what supplements to take.

Health and Wellness in Rheumatology

Health & Wellness

Wellness can be achieved through individual choices and activities. See what else it takes to get optimum results.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound


We use to increase diagnostic accuracy, with real-time clinical interpretation and integration of the imaging results.


Infusion Therapy

There are more efficient ways to treating RA. Using infusion therapy can offer stronger and more lasting relief than oral treatments.


You may be scared, apprehensive, afraid to hope, or not sure where to start. Our staff deals with people in similar situations every day. We treasure each call we receive because of the privilege it is to help someone alleviate a condition that’s restricting their enjoyment of life.

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Denise M.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Reddy for any rheumatological concerns. She was extremely thorough and very personable. She really cared and listened to all of my concerns. Dr. Reddy has an extraordinary knowledge of rheumatic issues. The staff was extremely professional, pleasant and friendly. I felt I received all of the information that I needed and some additional information as well. Dr. Reddy truly cares about her patients and is committed to her practice.

Maria T.

Andrew draws my blood for lab work every few months and he is awesome! He is super friendly and always puts me at ease!

Sandhill C.

Love the care Dr. P. Reddy provides. She is very thorough in her job as a doctor. She listens with care and she goes out of her way to help her patients. Also love her PA Teena Lukose. They are both very, very knowledgeable. Love both of them. The front desk is very friendly and professional. Karolin and Julie are awesome . The other two great people for whom I go there is Samantha, who does my infusion and Hanem who takes care of all my medical needs. Love them as they are all the best girls that Dr. Reddy has.

Stephanie D.

This is the second rheumatologist clinic I have been to and I can not say enough good things. The dr and staff are amazing and make you feel at home. The dr will sit down and actually listen to you and ask a lot of questions to better understand your situation.
I would recommend this clinic to anyone in need of this type of specialist. I wish more Drs offices were this good.

Brenda W.

As soon as you enter the office you are greeted with a smile and when you don't feel well that helps you feel better. Everyone is so patient with you. Don't wait long before you are called to see the doctor.

Mendy G.

I went in for routine blood work. My veins are deep and can be troublesome (as has been evident by many bruises and lots of pain from techs that missed). Hanem came in and it was a breeze! I have never had it done that well. Normally when a tech says "you're going to feel a little pinch" you know they're lying. Not with Hanem!! It was less than a pinch. It was the best experience I've ever had. Thank you, Hanem!!